Vodavi XTS-IP Digital Telephone System takes the best of both worlds and combines them – traditional digital telephony and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) “converged” technology, to deliver a total communications platform that is loaded with possibilities.

Maximum Capacities
When fully expanded, the XTS-IP system can provide up to 96 ports of VoIP connectivity.You can start with 2 ports and add ports to the system as your needs grow.

Digital Technology
• One Cabinet: 48 CO lines and 96 Stations up to 136 ports
• Two Cabinets: 144 lines and 192 Stations up to 280 ports
• Three Cabinets: 144 lines and 252 Stations up to 376 ports
• Four to Six Cabinets: 216 lines and 492 Stations up to 600 ports. Cabinet count depends on configuration.

Why VoIP?
IP networks can provide your enterprise with a single medium for integrating and transporting voice and data communications across local networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and the Internet.This can ultimately lead to reduced infrastructure, administrative, and other costs associated with maintaining your voice communications network. Additionally,VoIP products and applications can provide your organization with valuable productivity-enhancing tools that are not available with TDM (Time Division Multiplexing or “traditional” digital) technology.


Digital Endpoints


Communications Solutions That Meet Today’s Business


Telecommuter and Remote Office Support – With the XTS-IP system, you can place IP phones at a remote site and they become fully-functional extensions of the host telephone system. Users can place, monitor, or transfer calls just like they were operating from headquarters.
Traveling Worker Support – Nomad SP – Nomad SP is the perfect softphone solution for road warriors. Nomad PC is a fully-functional extension of the host telephone system that resides on a laptop PC.
Mobile Worker Support – Nomad IP – Nomad IP is a WiFi® handset for the XTS-IP system that operates on the IP network via wireless access points placed throughout your site.
Multi-Site Networks – Up to 32 XTS-IP and XTSc-IP telephone systems can be networked together seamlessly, providing limitless possibilities for your communications. Networking systems in this manner enables powerful features such as centralized attendant and voice mail to work to your advantage, both fiscally and operationally.

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